Zara the Supergirl

"Zara the Supergirl" is world's first empathetic virtual robot that can analyze your personality from talking to you for about five minutes.
When humans communicate with each other, we use all kinds of perception cues. Zara is learning to do the same. She recognizes your speech, tone of voice, facial expressions, and the content of your speech. She uses deep learning and other machine learning technologies to constantly learn from interacting with humans. She is rendered as a cartoon character on a browser. She will ask you personal questions to guess your personality. You can also ask her questions or chat with her for a little while.

What to Expect

Before the conversation

  1. Use Chrome.

    Zara is optimized for the Chrome browser.

  2. Activate Microphone and Camera.

    The site will request access to your microphone and camera. Kindly grant access to both.

  3. Relax and Be Yourself.

    Always remember to smile in front of the camera. You are ready to begin.

During the conversation

  1. Facial analysis

    Zara starts by analyzing your face before greeting you.

  2. Conversation

    Zara will initiate the conversation by asking and commenting on a series of personal questions related to childhood, travel, work, creativity, and a future with AI.
    You can also ask Zara questions about her background by saying "Zara can I ask you a question?" or something similar. You can go back to the personality test by telling her "Let's go back to the test".

  3. Affect Analysis

    Zara will analyze your personality and emotions by interacting with you, and by recognizing your facial expressions, your emotion from speech, and whether you are in a positive or negative mood. She shows "empathy" by reacting to your emotions.

After the conversation

  1. Personality Analysis

    At the end of the conversation, Zara will present to you your personality analysis verbally and through visual graphics at the bottom of the page.
    To learn more about MBTI personalities, click here.

  2. New Session

    To speak to Zara again, simply click "New Session" at the top left hand corner.

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